Abstract III

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This abstract artwork by Moira Musio, measuring 200×160 cm, is a powerful depiction characterised by a harmonious blend of orange, red, blue and white. Intense colours and calm elements are combined in this work, giving it a unique energy.

This energy provides space for emotional processing as viewers have the opportunity to lose themselves in the multi-layered abstractions. It allows for a deep connection to the different nuances and emotions in this painting. It is worth noting that this artwork was created with the entire body while Moira Musio was naked.

This unique physical involvement gives the work authenticity and intensity and shows how her emotions and energy were channelled into the work.

  • Each picture comes with a certificate
  • Each image is a unique piece from a collection and has a limited number of pieces.

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200×160, Request custom dimension

Execution method

Standard, Epoxy Resin


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