Behind the Brush: Meet Moira Musio

Dive into the world of Moira Musio, a Swiss-based artist turning heads globally with her captivating illustrations, neon pieces, and digital art.
At 31, Moira is already a household name in the art circles of Zurich and beyond. From the traditional to the digital — her work knows no bounds. Specializing in Pop-Art, Comics, and Neon designs, Moira has captured the imagination of both private collectors and commercial brands.

Artistry in Headlines

Moira Musio isn’t just capturing imaginations; she’s making news. Explore the features, interviews, and stories that have brought her art to the forefront of global conversations.

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In Elite Company

Moira has collaborated with some of the most iconic brands in the world. Here’s a glimpse of the companies that have been touched by her art.